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The Schnauzer is of German origin. The name comes from the German word for moustache because of the dogs distinctively furry noses. The Schnauzers life expectancy is about 12 - 15 years.

Schnauzer Sizes

There are 3 sizes of Schnauzer.

    • Height at the shoulder: 30-38 cm (12-15 in)
    • Weight: 5-8 kg (11-17 lb)
    • Height at the shoulder: 42-50 cm (17-20 in)
    • Weight: 14-23 kg (30-50 lb)
    • Height at the shoulder: 59-70 cm (23-27 in)
    • Weight: 32-45 kg (70-100 lb)

Schnauzer Colours

Miniature Schnauzers can be 'Salt and Pepper', Black or White.
Standard and Giant Schnauzers are 'Salt and Pepper' or Black.

Schnauzer Temperament

The Schnauzer is a very intelligent dog that is easily trained. Its ability to happily think for itself and do its own thing has given it a reputation as being independent, but in reality they are very friendly, attention loving dogs who respond well to training.

Schnauzer History

The Standard Schnauzer is the earliest of the 3 sizes, recognized in Wittenberg, Bavaria and Germany about 500 years ago. Its intelligence and reliability made it a good working dog, used for police work, warfare, herding, retrieving, droving and as a guard dog. In the 1800s the Miniature Schnauzer was developed by crossing the Standard Schnauzer with smaller dogs like Poodles and Affenpinchers. Miniature Schnauzers were used for companion dogs and also showed proficiency in hunting small vermin like rats. The Giant Schnauzer was made by crossing the Standard Schnauzer with the Black Great Dane. Early in the 20th century the Giant Schnauzers were used for cattle driving, watchdogs for industrial areas and police work mainly in Germany.


Miniature Schnauzer - GumpMiniature Schnauzer - Gump

Standard Schnauzer - MollyStandard Schnauzer - Molly

Giant Schnauzer - HannaGiant Schnauzer - Hanna

Miniature Schnauzer - CleopatraMiniature Schnauzer - Cleopatra