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Never change your puppy’s diet instantly. A change of diet in the first few weeks of a puppy going to their new home can quickly lead to gastro, diahrrea, dehydration and an expensive visit to the vet. It is important that you continue to feed your puppy the diet they have been fed here. Once they are old enough you can gradually introduce the food you choose.

We use and recommend the following products

They are good quality, reasonable priced and the puppies do very well on them. They are readily available from the main supermarket chains.

Puppy Porridge Instructions

Your puppy will need to be fed a food mix we call "Puppy Porridge" 3 times a day until 16 weeks of age

To make the "Puppy Porridge" soak 1/2 a cup of Supercoat Puppy dry food in 3/4 of a cup of boiling water.
Let it soak for about half an hour allowing time for it to soften and cool.
Add 2 tablespoons of Pedigree Puppy can food and stir the mix together.
Adjust the quantity of "Puppy Porridge" according to the puppy's appetite while maintaining the same ratio of dry food, canned food and water

Make unsoaked Supercoat Puppy dry food available to your puppy at all times.

This feeding method will need to be used till the age of 4 months. Only then should you introduce any other foods into their diet.

Water and dry food should always be available to your puppy but don't feed your dog solely on dry food.

Do not feed your puppy cow’s milk because you will give your puppy diarrhoea.

Always give your dog some variety once they are old enough like

Meaty bones are an essential source of calcium and protein for dogs and they will happily chew them for hours. The bones have two benefits. They will occupy your dog when they are bored and they will do wonders for their dental health.

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